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For customer service, please text or email the following people:

General questions and commissions:

Chad: 801.834.8669 /  customerservice@nimbusperformance.com


Social Media:

Gabriel: 801.870.8549 / gabriel.gledhill@nimbusperformance.com

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Technical or warranty:

Dale: 801.556.2070 / dale.gledhill@nimbusperformance.com



Brad: 801.580.7794 / brad.stewart@nimbusperformance.com

The world's most powerful and patented cell-boost wrist device with on-the-go fusion generating cm2 technology to energize and mobilize your 33 trillion red blood cells.


•your choice of black or white cm2 Pulse Band and 1 Free Sample Pack of 6 servings of SLIM (3-day supply) and 3 servings of ENERGY (3-day supply)

cm2 Pulse Band

SKU: 01
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